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Come here rude boy, boy Can you get it up Come here rude boy, boy Is you big enough...
Rude Boy 
It's a quarter after one, I'm a little drunk and I need you now Said I wouldn't call...
Need You Now 
If you fall for me I'm not easy to please I might tear you apart Told yah from the start Baby from the start...
Break Your Heart 
You would not believe your eyes If ten million fireflies Lit up the world as I fell asleep 'Cause they'd fill the open air And leave teardrops everywhere You'd think me rude But I
That you were Romeo, you were throwing pebbles...
Love Story 
Life's a game but it's not fair I break the rules so I don't care So I keep doin' my own thing Walkin' tall against the rain..
Run This Town 
Imma be sick with the flow when the goal is to rock the whole globe Imma be the future, Imma be the whole Reason why you even wanna come to a show You can see me while I'm rockin'
Imma Be 
Ain't got a care in world, but got plenty of beer Ain't got no money in my pocket, but I'm already here...
Tik Tok 
Your lipstick stains on the front lobe of my left side brains I knew I wouldn't forget you, and so I went and let you blow my mind...
Hey Soul Sister 
She's nothing like a girl you've ever seen before Nothing you can compare to your neighborhood girl I'm tryna find the words...
Sexy Chick 
1, 2, 3 Not only you and me Got one eighty degrees And I'm caught in between Count em 1, 2, 3 Peter, Paul, and Mary Gettin' down with 3P Everybody loves sex Count em Babe, pick a n
In my head, I see you all over me. In my head,...
In My Head 
I want your ugly I want your disease I want your everything...
Bad Romance 
Ooh Ooh I cant go any farther than this...
Meet Me Halfway 
Shut up and put your money where youre mouth is...
Waking Up In Vegas 
I'm safe Up high Nothing can touch me But why do I feel this party's over?...
Both hands, tied behind my back with nothing Oh no, these times when we climb so fast to fall again Why we gotta fall for it now...
I've been roaming around, I was looking down at all I see Painted faces fill the places I can't reach You know that I could use somebody You know that I could use somebody...
Use Somebody 
And you can see my heart beating You can see it through my chest And I’m terrified but I’m not leaving...
Russian Roulette 
Yeah I'm out that Brooklyn. Now I'm down in Tribeca. Right next to DeNiro But I'll be hood forever...
Empire State Of Mind 

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