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Don't wanna be an american
I'm the son of rage and love the ____ or suburbia
This is the dawning of the rest of our ______ on holiday
Don't know where it goes but its only me and I _____ alone
Oh we, we are the ____
______'s coming down across the alleyway
Drain the _______ from the swelling
She's an _________ girl in an ordinary world
Summer has come to pass the ______ can never last
Please call me only if you are coming ____
Thought I ran into you down on the ______
Three am I'm ______ again
I wanna be the ______
You got a _______ you just can't hide
I'm an _______ outside of everything
Don't have no time for ____
I wanna be on ______
_______ on a mission
So tired, tired of ______
Like a ____ that just
I'm _____ inside, my flesh turns to dust
But now you're ______ with me
Sometimes it gets real ______
Ha ha you're ______
Sing us a song of the ______
Leading us into the _____ land
Waging a war and losing the _____
Panic and promise and _____
_______ century breakdown
Do you know your ______
She's the last of the _______ girls
One, ___ guns
Do you know what's worth _____ for
Does the ____ weigh out the pride
Did someone break your _____ inside
Welcome to ______
I'm a walking _____
I heard you _____ loud
All the way _____ town
Well don't get ______ now

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