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Can you name the Valve Software A-Z?

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The company that runs the Portal enrichment centreA
Location of Valve HQB
Portal's protagonistC
Valve's Vice President of MarketingD
Name any Eric (or Erik) that works at ValveE
The Scout's unlockable scattergunF
Valve's managing directorG
Valve's first game and winner of over 50 game of the year awardsH
Dr. Isaac Kleiner's nicknameI
The jar-base KarateJ
What the Heavy's K.G.B. stands forK
Dr. Isaac Kleiner's pet headcrabL
Author of The 37th Mandala and sole writer for Half-LifeM
Student project that lead to PN
The answer to S arrived on this operating system on May the 12th 2010O
Valve's acclaimed first person puzzlerP
Engine GoldSrc is based on, also part of the name of the original Team Fortress modQ
Don't forget to do this Dr Freeman!R
Valve's content-delivery systemS
Developers of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, absorbed by Valve and then reformedT
The third chapter of Half-Life, which must be prepared forU
What the Combine call ManhacksV
Don't startle herW
The borderworldX
Are Valve Awesome?Y
The female player character in Left 4 DeadZ

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