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Can you name the Decepticons from the original Transformers cartoon?

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Named Transformers from the Generation One cartoon only. Rebuilt/renamed characters count as separate answers.
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SubgroupDecepticonAlt Mode
DecepticonParticle Cannon
DecepticonPistol (Walther P-38)
DecepticonCamera / Three robots
DecepticonLaser pistol
DecepticonCassette player
Decepticon CassetteCondor
Decepticon red
Decepticon blue
Decepticon CassetteCondor
Decepticon CassetteTyrannosaurus Rex / Ceratosaur
Decepticon CassetteBat
Decepticon CassetteJaguar
Decepticon CassetteStegosaurus
Decepticon TriplechangerSteam locomotive / Space shuttle
Decepticon TriplechangerJet (MIG-25) / Tank (Japanese Type-74)
Decepticon TriplechangerFuel tanker / Plane (Boeing 747)
Decepticon SixchangerTank/Spaceship/Gun/Off-roader/Wolf
Decepticon ClonePuma
Decepticon CloneEagle
Decepticon BattlechargerBlack sports car (Lotus Turbo Esprit)
Decepticon BattlechargerWhite sports car (Pontiac Firebird Trans Am)
SeekerBlue and gold modified F-15 Eagle
SeekerBlack, red and white F-16XL
SeekerBlack and purple F-15 Eagle
SeekerRed and blue F-15 Eagle
SeekerRed and grey F-15 VTOL
SeekerBlue and grey F-15 Eagle
InsecticonBoll weevil
InsecticonGrasshopper / Locust
SubgroupDecepticonAlt Mode
InsecticonStag beetle, beetle
CombaticonBlack space shuttle
CombaticonGreen tank (Leopard 1)
CombaticonAnti-aircraft truck
CombaticonTan military four-by-four (FMC XR311)
CombaticonGrey helicopter (SH-2G Super Seasprite)
Combaticon CombinerThe Combaticons
ConstructiconTruck-mounted crane
ConstructiconEarth-mover dump-truck
ConstructiconCement mixer
Constructicon CombinerThe Constructicons
Predacon CombinerThe Predacons
StunticonWhite sports car (Lamborghini Countach)
StunticonRed sports car (Porsche 928)
StunticonYellow six-wheeled Formula One racer (Tyrrell P34)
StunticonBlack truck cab (Kenworth K100 Aerodyne)
StunticonDark grey sports car (Ferrari 308 GTB)
Stunticon CombinerThe Stunticons
TerrorconPurple monster thing
TerrorconHawk monster thing
TerrorconTwo-heading dragon monster thing
SubgroupDecepticonAlt Mode
TerrorconShark monster thing
TerrorconTwo-heading dog monster thing
Terrorcon CombinerThe Terrorcons...thing
Decepticon CitybotBase / Mobile battle fortress / Dinosaur
Decepticon CitybotBase / Scorpion
-> Nebulan HeadmasterHead
Horrorcon HeadmasterGrey jet / Dinosaur
-> Nebulan HeadmasterHead
Horrorcon HeadmasterBlack and purple jet / Gorilla
-> Nebulan HeadmasterHead
Decepticon HeadmasterCrocodile
-> Nebulan HeadmasterHead
Decepticon HeadmasterYellow wolf
-> Nebulan HeadmasterHead
Decepticon HeadmasterBat
-> Nebulan HeadmasterHead
Decepticon TargetmasterTwin cockpit spacefighter
-> Nebulan TargetmasterGun
Decepticon TargetmasterPurple Cybertronian jet
-> Nebulan TargetmasterGun
Decepticon TargetmasterFuturistic pink jet
-> Nebulan TargetmasterGun
Decepticon TargetmasterBlue spaceship
-> Nebulan TargetmasterGun
Decepticon TargetmasterFuturistic blue fighter jet
-> Nebulan TargetmasterGun
SpyAutobot / Blue Pontiac Fiero

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