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Can you name the Autobots from the original Transformers cartoon?

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SubgroupAutobotAlt Mode
AutobotBlue dune buggy
AutobotBoom box
AutobotSilver sports coupé (Nissan 280ZX)
AutobotGreen SUV (Toyota Land Cruiser)
AutobotYellow Volkswagen Beetle
AutobotRed sports car (Porsche 924 Turbo)
AutobotFlying Saucer
AutobotFuturistic blue car
AutobotBlue Cybertronian cargo truck
AutobotBlue and red pickup truck
AutobotGold Volkswagen Beetle
AutobotOrange, truck-mounted crane (Mitsubishi Fuso)
AutobotGreen tow-truck (Toyota Hi-Lux)
AutobotGreen military Jeep (Mitsubishi J59 Jeep)
AutobotOrange truck cab
AutobotRed fire truck (Mitsubishi Fuso)
AutobotRed van (Nissan Onebox Vanette)
AutobotWhite race car (Porsche 935 Turbo)
AutobotWhite and red Baja buggy
AutobotBlue and white formula one car (F-1 Ligier JS-11)
AutobotRocket ship, rocket base & tank
AutobotRed truck cab (Freightliner FL86)
AutobotRed Cypertronian pickup truck
AutobotKhaki SUV (Toyota Land Cruiser)
AutobotRed microscope
AutobotBlue truck cab
AutobotRed plane (A-10 Thunderbolt 'Warthog')
AutobotPolice car (Nissan 280ZX)
AutobotAmbulance (Nissan Onebox Vanette)
AutobotFire chief's car (Lamborghini Countach LP500S)
AutobotFuturistic Winnebago camper van
AutobotYellow and blue fan boat
AutobotRed sports car (Lamborghini Countach LP500S)
AutobotBlue compact (Honda City Turbo)
AutobotCybertronian Jet
AutobotSpaceshuttle & Transport/Bird & Lynx/Dinosaur
AutobotRed and blue sprots coupé (Nissan 280ZX)
AutobotYellow sportscar (Lamborghini Countach LP500S)
AutobotRed and white pickup truck
SubgroupAutobotAlt Mode
AutobotWhite sports car (Pontiac Firebird Trans Am)
AutobotFlying, blue sports car (Corvette Stingray)
AutobotBlack Camper truck (Toyota 4WD Hi-Lux)
AutobotRed, blue and white truck with missle platform
AutobotRed tank (General Motors M551A1 Sheridan ARAAV), KAZOWY!
AutobotOrange futuristic pod car
AutobotWhite race car (Lancia Stratos Turbo)
AutobotRed sports car (Pontiac Firebird Trans Am)
Autobot TriplechangerAircraft carrier / Jet
Autobot TriplechangerOrange dune buggy / Helicopter (Sikorsky S-62)
Autobot TriplechangerGreen helicopter / Armoured car
Autobot CloneFuturistic red jetfighter
Autobot CloneFuturistic red drag racer
Autobot CassetteBlue robot
Autobot CassetteRed rhinoceros
Autobot CassetteBlack robot
Autobot CassetteYellow lion
Female AutobotBlue Cybertronian van
Female AutobotPink Cybertronian car
Female AutobotRed Cybertronian pickup
Female AutobotTeal Cybertronian car
DinobotTyrannosaurus rex
DinobotBrontosaurus / Apatosaurus
ThrottlebotRed sports car (Ferrari Testarossa)
ThrottlebotBlue sports car (Chevrolet Corvette)
ThrottlebotOlive green Jeep (Jeep CJ-7)
ThrottlebotWhite rally car (Ford RS200)
ThrottlebotOrange earth mover dump truck
AerialbotBoeing F-15C Eagle
AerialbotMcDonnell Douglas F-4B Phantom II
AerialbotConcorde SST
AerialbotGeneral Dynamics F-16C Fighting Falcon
AerialbotMcDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II
Aerial CombinerThe Aerialbots
ProtectobotRed and white helicopter (Bell UH-1V Iroquois)
ProtectobotWhite ambulance (Toyota Town Ace)
ProtectobotWhite police motorbike
ProtectobotBlue fire truck (Mitsubishi Fuso)
SubgroupAutobotAlt Mode
ProtectobotGrey police car (Nissan 300ZX Turbo)
Protectobot CombinerThe Protectobots
TechnobotOrange Cybertronian motorbike
TechnobotFuturistic red sports car
TechnobotOrange and grey Cybertronian drill-tank
TechnobotRed and white space ship/Artillery piece
TechnobotRed and white space fighter
Technobot CombinerThe Technobots
Autobot CitybotBase / Mobile battle fortress
->Guns /Turrets
->Tank / Tower
->Black sports car
Autobot CitybotBase / Mobile battle fortress
-> Autobot HeadmasterHead / Communications tower
--> Human HeadmasterHead
Autobot HeadmasterFuturistic pink convertable
-> Human HeadmasterHead / Pod car
Autobot HeadmasterTurquoise Cybertronian jet fighter
-> Nebulan HeadmasterHead
Autobot HeadmasterRed and brown car
-> Nebulan HeadmasterHead
Autobot HeadmasterGreen Cybertronian mobile artillery gun
-> Nebulan HeadmasterHead
Autobot HeadmasterFuturistic helicopter
-> Nebulan HeadmasterHead
Autobot TargetmasterBlue Cybertronian hovercar
-> Nebulan TargetmasterGun
Autobot TargetmasterFuturistic red and blue van
-> Nebulan TargetmasterGun
Autobot TargetmasterFlame-decaled futuristic sports car
-> Nebulan TargetmasterGun
Autobot TargetmasterFuturistic pickup truck
-> Nebulan TargetmasterGun
Autobot TargetmasterFuturistic red sports car
-> Nebulan TargetmasterGun
Autobot TargetmasterFuturistic yellow buggy
-> Nebulan TargetmasterGun
JunkionJalopy motorbike
SpyDecepticon / Blue Pontiac Fiero

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