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Where does the show 'Wings' take place? (Full title)
What is the name of the airline that Joe owns?
What was the name of the rival airline owned by Roy?
What is the name of the airport where both airlines are located?
Helen plays what musical instrument?
Joe was forced to hire a young pilot to help fly the plane. What was his full name?
What is Fay's full name?
Fay had three husbands that died and all three shared the same name. What was it?
During one episode, Brian almost got a nose job. Joe used which television show to convince him not to do it?
In one episode, Joe's nose was injured and his doctor suggested that he have a nose job. This led to the male characters discussing who they thought were the most attractive men. W
Who did Roy consider to be the most attractive man?
Who did Antonio consider to be the most attractive man?
Who did Lowell consider to be the most attractive man?
Who did Brian consider to be the most attractive man? (Or the women he had slept with)
What was the name of Antonio's 'Big-Faced Girl' girlfriend?
What was the name of the song that Lowell sang over the walkie-talkie (that Roy gave him to use) when he got his head caught in the fence?
Lowell tried his hand at being an Entrepreneur at selling what?
What is the name of Roy's son? (Full name)
In one episode the gang were playing 'Trivial Pursuit' what was one answer Lowell kept repeating over and over again?
What was Antonio's profession?
What happened to Roy when he tried to sing 'The Star Spangled Banner' at the opening of a Red Sox game?
What is the name of Roy's ex-wife, the one that he talked about all of the time?
Before getting married to Joe, Helen was engaged to who? (Full name)
What was the name of Lowell's bestfriend/cousin that he always went on rat shoots with?
Where did Joe propose to Helen?
What was the name of the football coach who came back to town that Joe and Brian dressed up as a woman? (Full name)
What names did Lowell choose to name his sister's twins?
Who did Joe date after he and Helen broke up?
Which person was groped by a wooden midget' on their blind date?
Antonio testified against a man whom he saw rob a store. He became very paranoid and thought that this man was after him. Who was this man really interested in?
What type of car does Roy drive?
What color was Roy's car?
Who was responsible for sinking Lowell's houseboat?
What was the name of Lowell's ex-wife?
What was the name of the video that Joe rented on Christmas Eve at the video store for Brian and Helen to watch with him?
Helen wanted Joe to fix her up with his old fraternity brother, Connor. After going out on several dates with him, what was the annoying thing that he did that drove her crazy?
Which college did Brian go to?
What college did Joe attend?
What was Alex's profession?
Who dated Alex?
Which country singer did Brian say he knew in order to impress Alex?
What did Frasier Crane want you to take to get to good mental health?
Where were the divorce papers hidden the entire time Helen thought she was divorced from Antonio?
What did Alex do in Desert Storm?
Joe and Brian reunite with their mother after seeing her get hit by what on TV?
Where was Joe and Brian's mother after she walked out on them years prior?
Casey was who's sister?
What was the full name of Casey's husband (and later ex-husband)?
What was the name of the talk show that Brian went on where he was bashed by Alex for the downfall of their relationship?
Robert Culp starred in the episode 'The Wrong Stuff' as an astronaut who Joe and Brian hired to be a spokesperson for their airline. What was his character's name?
What is the name of woman who has crush on Joe and returns to the island to torment him? (Full name)
What is Joe and Brian's last name?
What is Lowell's profession?
Roy was born on a what?
What plane was used on the TV show Wings?
What is on Helens licence plate?
What is Antonio's last name?
Where was Antonio orginally from?
What about Roy's head, had Lowell fascinated?
What happened to the Simon Says Guy who was going out with Roy's Mother?
What is Roy's mother's full name?
What's the name of the musical that starred Fay, Antonio, Roy and Lowell?
What was Alex's nickname for Joe? What was it for Brian?
How quick did Antonio consider a 'Quicky Divorce'?
What TV show hero did Lowell keep mentioning during Joe and Helen's wedding episode?
What song did Antonio once sing over and over again in the terminal?
What illness did Joe have that once left him temporarily grounded?
Which character was a bank security guard for an episode?
Fay is an honorary member of what Native American tribe?
Where did Joe get his hand stuck at his wedding?
What magazine did Alex once appear in?
Who owned the lunch counter first?
Roy has an autographed picture of which United States President?
What is Fay's street address?
How many times did Helen Chappel get married during the run of the show?
Brian married Joe's fiancee and the brothers didn't speak for 6 years. What was her name?
What was the old man's name who always asked the annoying questions? (Full name)
Roy has a switch on his dashboard in his car. What does this switch do?
What is the name of the high school on the island?
What state was Helen and Casey originally from?
Fay played what instrument in USO all girls band?
Joe went to a Pearl Jam concert with a young college girl he was dating. What was her name?
Where were Joe and Helen moving to in the series finale?
What is Brian's middle name?
Brian's childhood dream was to grow up and become who?
What is Joe's middle name?
What was the address and Joe and Brian's childhood home?
What was the name of the rich lawyer who had Joe deliver him his favorite pizza from Boston?
Joe can't sleep at night if his......
What is the name of Lowell's god mother?
Lowell always wondered if Mr. T was related to who?
Lowell attended M.I.T., what did it stand for?
Antonio was allergic to what?
How long were Antonio's grandparents married for?
Antonio was a chaffeur for an episode. What was the name of the man he drove?
What is the name of the retirement home where Joe voluntered?
Danny 'Dead End' Connelly played for what professional sports team?
What current talk-show host appeared as himself/herself in the episode 'The Culinary Killer'?
Roy was elected to what political position?
In the final episode how much money does Joe and Brian's father leave them?

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