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First LineNameLast Line
I am the actual one who you know as . . .You must go.
This is incredible!Time to go home.
Were I an enemy, you would be dead.You are the son I never had. I could not be more proud.
I can see that!Dear god in heaven!
Remember no matter what we are here to protect SG1 at all costs.Just another everyday mission to save the galaxy, sir.
What is this?Indeed.
Cocky sons-of-b**chs.Godspeed.
Chaharri! Chaharri. Lower your guns.Silence is golden.
She is transferring from the Pentagon.As hard as it is for us not knowing, it must be torture for you not to tell us.
Yes sir.Chevron Seven is locked.
You may prove useful.Life is too short.
Retired!Yeah. I think that went well.

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