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Can you name the wrestlers with these awful gimmicks?

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Gimmick Wrestler/TeamPromotion
Thanksgiving turkeyWWF
Canadian police officer WWF
Dyslexic wrestlerWCW
St. Nick's evil brotherWWF
Tough guy from New YorkWWF
Scott Steiner's protege TNA
Boy Band tag teamWCW
Eccentric pirateWWE
Fat, glutinous slob WWF
Mentally challenged wrestlerWWE
Ice cold and a Kung-Fu masterWCW
Unimpressive golferWCW
Circus freak WWE
Green haired superheroWWE
Super Hero In Training WWE
70's flashback WCW
Evil Dentist... with bad teethWWF
Gimmick Wrestler/TeamPromotion
Worm eating freakWWE
Millionaire's butler WWF
School teacherWWF/E
Man in shark costume TNA
Goofy rednecksWWE
Amish wrestlerECW
Half man, Half bull!WWF
Witch doctorWWF
Musical conductor WCW
Disco DancerWCW
Red-nosed jokesterWWF/E
Male porn starWWF
ODB's Red neck boyfriend TNA
Wrestler from outer space!WWF
Race car driverWWF
Andre the Giant's son!WCW
Garbage ManWWF
Gimmick Wrestler/TeamPromotion
Randy Savage Impressionist TNA
Daniels get 'fired' and becomes...TNA
Hockey playing jobberWWF
Video game character made realTNA
Educated brother of Macho ManWWF
Band of weirdos WWF
Prison inmate WWF
Crazy repossession officerWWF
5th member of KISS?WCW
Painted and perverse Hollywood criticWWF
Dress wearing tough guyWWE
It's Killer spelled backwards! TNA
Group of male cheerleadersWWE
Wizard of Oz character WCW
Vince's illegitimate son, also a leprechaun WWE
Not-so Shock-ingly terribleWCW

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