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Come on! Left hand, space bar, right hand, arrow keys. Gus, you should ask me a challenging question every once in a while, just for kicksShawn
Need I remind you, Mr. Spencer, what happens when you interfere with a police investigation? Carlton
Shawn, I don't have a parrot. Juliet
What kind of fire are we talking about? Michael Jackson in the Pepsi commercial fire or misusing the word 'literally' fire? Shawn
Oh, no. I mean, how else could we have possibly known how angst-ridden you were?Abigail
Yeah well, in a related issue, I'm blocking your number on all the phones in the office.Gus
We didn't do anything wrong. We didn't break any laws... Oh no. Oh no! What - what did you do, Shawn?Henry
My pilot's license? It's out back in the Cessna. Or perhaps you're referring to my license to kill. Revoked - problems at the Kazakhstan border. I'd give you the details, but then Shawn
Lesson number three: Don't say 'please', don't say 'thank you', and definitely don't say 'hi'. Spirit squad auditions were over ten years ago. You're an authority figure. Act like Carlton
ESPN, Gus. Channel 206. I'm begging youShawn
This is the part where you get blindsided with Plan B. It's kind of fun when it's not happening to meGus
Tell me you're wearing that shirt because someone has to spot you from space. Shawn
Did you break somebody's nose?Chief Vick
A yellow fruit. Also, a kind of pudding. A delicious pudding. Shawn
How do you just eat when there's a dead guy laying there?Gus
Well, I guess you just don't count the people who aren't going to get their lobster and sand dabs as victims. I'm surprised the Miami P.D. didn't fail you for lack of compassion. Carlton
So you're stealing his clothes? He's not dead! Juliet
I'm a taxpaying, voting citizen, therefore I have a right to speak to *any* elected official, such as the D.A., I please. Henry
Did he just say 'Absolutely' with a little half-smile? I'd like that printed out, please. I'm thinking of shellacking it on a nice piece of maple. Shawn
I've got to get my hands on a gun, O'Hara. I have enemies everywhere. Maybe I can pick one up at the hotel. Carlton
Now the guy with the gun is flipping me the bird. Shawn
Shawn, I think I would know if I were a svengali. Juliet
Wow. You just made THAT reference. Shawn
You can't handle the truth! Henry
Of course I have the right address! It's the one you DIVINED!'Carlton

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