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Can you name the NHL Top 200 Point Leaders?

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Team, PositionPlayerPts
EDM , C100 Pts
PIT, C89 Pts
CHI, RW89 Pts
WSH, C86 Pts
TB, RW85 Pts
BOS, LW85 Pts
WPG, C82 Pts
EDM, C77 Pts
SJ, D76 Pts
STL, RW75 Pts
CHI, LW74 Pts
WPG, RW74 Pts
ANA, C73 Pts
PIT, C72 Pts
DAL, C72 Pts
TB, D72 Pts
OTT, D71 Pts
BOS, RW70 Pts
PIT, RW70 Pts
TOR, C69 Pts
WSH, LW69 Pts
MIN, C69 Pts
DAL, LW69 Pts
SJ, C68 Pts
DET, LW68 Pts
MTL, LW67 Pts
LAK, C66 Pts
NYI, C66 Pts
MIN, C65 Pts
WPG, RW64 Pts
WPG, LW64 Pts
CAR, LW63 Pts
CBJ, RW62 Pts
TOR, LW62 Pts
TOR, C61 Pts
NSH, LW61 Pts
OTT, LW61 Pts
TOR, C61 Pts
PHI, RW61 Pts
TOR, C61 Pts
CGY, LW61 Pts
NSH, C61 Pts
WSH, C59 Pts
NYR, RW59 Pts
CBJ, C59 Pts
NSH, LW58 Pts
CGY, C58 Pts
WSH, LW58 Pts
ANA, C58 Pts
CHI, C58 Pts
MIN, C58 Pts
PHI, C58 Pts
MIN, RW57 Pts
BUF, C57 Pts
WSH, RW56 Pts
NYR, LW56 Pts
MIN, C56 Pts
NYI, RW56 Pts
WSH, D56 Pts
OTT, C55 Pts
PHI, C55 Pts
ARI, RW55 Pts
BUF, C55 Pts
STL, LW55 Pts
TOR, C55 Pts
NYR, C55 Pts
PHI, RW54 Pts
Team, PositionPlayerPts
BOS, C54 Pts
FLA, C54 Pts
OTT, RW54 Pts
MTL, RW54 Pts
NYR, LW53 Pts
NJD, RW53 Pts
CBJ, LW53 Pts
PIT, LW53 Pts
CGY, C53 Pts
BOS, C53 Pts
TBL, LW53 Pts
NJD, LW53 Pts
ANA, RW53 Pts
COL, C53 Pts
CHI, D52 Pts
NYI, LW52 Pts
SJ, C52 Pts
FLA, C52 Pts
VAN, C52 Pts
TBL, LW52 Pts
WPG, D52 Pts
LAK, C52 Pts
ANA, C51 Pts
ANA, RW51 Pts
FLA, C51 Pts
CBJ, LW51 Pts
EDM, RW51 Pts
STL, LW51 Pts
PIT, D51 Pts
BOS, D51 Pts
EDM, LW50 Pts
CBJ, C50 Pts
VAN, C50 Pts
DAL, C50 Pts
CGY, D50 Pts
SJ, C50 Pts
CAR, RW49 Pts
ANA, RW49 Pts
NYR, C49 Pts
DAL, D49 Pts
NSH, D49 Pts
WSH, RW48 Pts
FLA, LW48 Pts
STL, D48 Pts
CGY, LW48 Pts
DET, RW48 Pts
MIN, LW47 Pts
WPG, C47 Pts
BUF, C47 Pts
MIN, RW47 Pts
CBJ, D47 Pts
SJ, LW46 Pts
DET, LW46 Pts
STL, LW46 Pts
FLA, RW46 Pts
NYI, D46 Pts
CHI, RW45 Pts
CHI, C45 Pts
NYI, C45 Pts
TBL, C45 Pts
BUF, RW45 Pts
CAR, C45 Pts
CAR, C45 Pts
NJD, C45 Pts
WPG, C45 Pts
CAR, C45 Pts
BUF, D45 Pts
Team, PositionPlayerPts
LAK, LW44 Pts
CHI, RW44 Pts
PIT, RW44 Pts
CGY, RW44 Pts
MTL, C44 Pts
VAN, LW44 Pts
LAK, D44 Pts
BUF, LW43 Pts
MTL, LW43 Pts
EDM, C43 Pts
TOR, D43 Pts
EDM, LW42 Pts
MIN, LW42 Pts
NSH, C42 Pts
MTL, D42 Pts
CAR, LW42 Pts
PHI, C42 Pts
CBJ, D42 Pts
NYR, D42 Pts
NSH, RW41 Pts
COL, C41 Pts
DET, C41 Pts
CBJ, C41 Pts
FLA, D41 Pts
NYR, RW40 Pts
NJD, C40 Pts
TBL, C40 Pts
STL, C40 Pts
CAR, RW40 Pts
MTL, LW40 Pts
NSH, D40 Pts
MIN, D40 Pts
MIN, C39 Pts
OTT, C39 Pts
CGY, D39 Pts
ARI, D39 Pts
ANA, D39 Pts
BOS, C39 Pts
LAK, D39 Pts
PHI, D39 Pts
NYR, D39 Pts
WSH, D39 Pts
CHI, D39 Pts
NYR, RW38 Pts
COL, RW38 Pts
BOS, RW38 Pts
NSH, D38 Pts
EDM, D38 Pts
MIN, D38 Pts
ARI, LW38 Pts
COL, D38 Pts
PIT, C37 Pts
CAR, D37 Pts
FLA, RW37 Pts
CGY, RW37 Pts
NYR, C37 Pts
CBJ, LW37 Pts
WSH, D37 Pts
TOR, RW36 Pts
TBL, LW36 Pts
DET, RW36 Pts
LAK, RW36 Pts
DET, D36 Pts
CGY, D36 Pts
ARI, D36 Pts
MTL, D36 Pts

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