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Can you name the things about the movie Up?

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What is Russell looking for under Mr Fredricksen's porch?
What does Russell name the colorful,flightless bird he finds?
Mr Fredricksen wants to take his house where?
What final merit badge does Russell need?
What explorer does Carl Fredricksen idolize?
What is Mrs. Fredricksen's first name?
What do Mr. and Mrs. Fredricksen put on their mailbox?
What does Russell accidently throw out the window?
What is the Wilderness Explorer distress call?
What does Mr. Fredricksen give Russell as his final Widerness Explorer badge?
'____________ is out there!'
What do the talking dogs have to wear if they are bad?
How does Mr. Fredricksen get his house to fly?
What object of Mrs. Fredricksen's does Carl treasure?
Where do Mr. and Mrs. Fredricksen work?
What does Carl have on the end of his cane?
Who is the leader of the talking dogs?
At the end, what are Russell and Carl eating?
At the end, Carl and Russell are playing a game with 'red ones' and 'blue ones.' What are the red and blue things?
Who says this: 'Hey, I know a joke! A squirrel walks up to a tree and says, 'I forgot to store acorns for the winter and now I am dead.' Ha! It is funny because the squirrel gets d
What does Carl Fredricksen tie around his waist that is attached to the house?
According to the dogs, Carl smells like...
What do the dogs call Russell?
'You don't talk much... ______________!'
'South America. It's like America, but _________!'
What does Dug say when Russell tells him to speak?
Russell gets tied to this and starts sliding down the ramp of the blimp.
What does Russell get for dinner on the blimp?
What color is Mr. Fredricksen's front door?
What makes the dogs talk?
What instrument does Russell play/carry?
What is Mr. Fredricksen's house number?
Where do Mr. and Mrs. Fredricksen picnic?
What does Mr. Fredricksen use as sails?
Russell has only camped where?
What breed is Dug?
What is the name of the blimp?
When Russell and Carl first meet, what does Russell stick in the door so Carl will keep talking to him?
After being told tigers will eat him, who says,'Tigers don't live in South America. Zoology!'
Russell complains his knee hurts, but when Carl Fredricksen asks which knee, Russell changes what is hurting to his...

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