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Can you name the answers to these Little House on the Prairie questions?

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Which Ingalls child goes blind?
How many children to Caroline and Charles have?
What is the name of the Ingalls' dog?
Who does Nellie Olsen marry?
Who owns the general store?
Who does Mary marry?
What do Laura and Albert dress up like for Halloween?
What state is Walnut Grove in?
What daughter do the Ingalls adopt
In Little House: A New Beginning, what family moves into the Ingalls' house?
When Walnut grove has a horse race, what child wins?
What religion is Nellie's husband?
What is the name of Laura's childhood horse?
Who dies in the blind school fire?
What do the schoolchildren want to get Rev. Alden for his birthday?
What is Almanzo's youngest brothers name?
What mythical creature does Albert portray to get rid of the school bully?
Who does Miss Beadle marry?
What is the name of the baby Laura finds in the woods?
What is the name of the student of Laura's that Almanzo punches because he thinks the student is making advances at Laura?
Which schoolteacher is Michael Landon's real life daughter?

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