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Can you name the the only way is essex stars?

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queen of the vajazzle
the aboves sister
sugar hut daddy
spoilt italian
rich sugar hut boy
just brought a new flat with his gf
currently dating the above
like the pope with better accessories
short !!!!!
had a 10 year realationship with row 1
row 3s sister
just been crowned promm king
known for her loud mouth
has just been crowned prom queen
REEM + tight shorts
who the above has a crush on
funniest man alive
gay blonde who left a while ago to open up a shop
used to be in a band called lola
had a 10 year relationship with row 5 also the bad boy
recently turned up on his gf doorstep singing wearing nothing but a thong and holding a fish tank
the aboves girlfriend
row 2 sister
he is gay

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