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Which episode did Hotch's wife die in?
What does Reid's mother have?
What is Strauss's addiction?
How many seasons are there?
What did JJ lose during season six?
Who is JJ's sons' godfather?
When did Prentiss first appear?
What mental illness did Tobias Hankel have?
Which agent accompanied Elle home in The Fisher King?
What did Elle tease Reid about in Machismo?
What did we first see Rossi doing?
What is Rossi's daughter's name?
How old were the boys in A Shade of Gray?
What was Jeremy Sayer's alias in Safe Haven?
What song played at the end of A Real Rain?
What does L.D.S.K. stand for?
Who is shocked by Reid's abilities in season eight?
What color is the car used by the unsub in Extreme Aggressor?
Which season is the longest?
Which season is the shortest?

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