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The captain of the titanic
Half-blind British naval commander
Father of Pocahontas
Inventor of vulcanized rubber
Founder of the heliocentric theory
Writer and composer of Claire de lune
Man who tried to bomb parliament
King of England during the American Revolution
City where the romanov's were murdered
Founder of Kuomintang party
Official ideology of North Korea
Ancient Persian religion
Czech territory annexed by Germany in WW2
Name of the pilot of the Enola Gay
Death Camp that Anne Frank died in
Birth city of Albert Einstein
'Don't give up the ship'
President who granted statehood to Alaska and Hawaii
Mysterious first settlement in America
Peace agreement ending the Mexican- American war
City containing the Golden Spike
Author of The Feminine Mystique
Last Emperor of Rome
Muckraker who researched Standard oil
King of Mali and richest man ever
Poet who authored the knew colossus
Name of Aristotles' school in Athens
Man who assassinated Martin Luther King Jr.
Island where Napoleon was exiled
Name of the Nazi Police
combatant in the shortest war ever other than Britain
System of government during midevil times
Russian revolutionary who was murdered in Mexico, city
Inventor of the measles vaccine
Area of China invaded by Japan in sino-Japanese war
First time person of the year
Oracle city in Ancient Greece
civilization that fought in the Punic wars located in present day Tunisia
First female pharaoh
Pharaoh who changed the Egyptian religion
King of Belgium during exploitation of Congo
Credited with creating Zionism
Organization that turned into the IDF
communist party lead by Ho Chi Minh
British explorer who was murdered by Hawaiian natives
Mother of Ishmael
Author of Moby Dick
Only president to pay off the national debt
Pioneer group that resorted to cannibalism during the gold rush
Slave who sued for his freedom
Capital of South Africa under Dutch rule
'My only regret is that I have but one life to give for my country'
Father of Alexander the Great
Nation that was ruled by Vlad the Impaler
Dictator of Chile from 1973-1990
Inventor of the automobile
US space shuttle that exploded
President known as 'Young Hickory'
Female Prime Minister of Pakistan who was assassinated
Pope who launched the Crusades
Roman judge who sentenced Jesus to death by Crucifixion
Last of the '5 good emperors' of Rome
Persian emperor and founder of the Archaemenid Empire
British Prime minister during WWII, other than Churchill
President called 'the father of the constitution
Cruel Ugandan dictator rumored to have been a cannibal
Charles Dickens' best selling novel of all time
Only Planet named for a Greek god
Battle where 300 Spartans held the Persian army back for 3 days
Longest reigning British Monarch
Tallest man to ever live at 8'11''
Chinese Architect who designed the Louvre
Man who designed the Washington Monument
Frenchman who decoded the Rosetta Stone
Serbian nationalist responsible for the murder of Franz Ferdinand
First Grand Wizard of the KKK
Artist who lead the carving of Mt. Rushmore
The most expensive object ever built
First woman in outer space
Yuri Gagarin's space shuttle

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