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Sea containing Crimea
Sea bordered by Algiers and Tel Aviv-Yafo
Sea on the border between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan that is shrinking
Sea surrounded by Turkey
Sea surrounding the island whose capital is Hobart
Sea off the east coast of Queensland
Northern Extension of the black sea
Sea west of India
Bay off the northwestern coast of France
Bay off the east coast of India
Sea containing Trinidad and Tobago
Straight between the sea of Marmara and the Aegean Sea
Sea containing Ibiza and Mallorca
Sea bordering Golan Heights
Israeli sea with an extremely high salt content
Sea between Egypt and the Arabian Peninsula
Gulf containing São Tomé and Principe
Sea that is south of Norway
Bay bordering Miami and the Eveglades
Sea that is actually the world's largest lake
Bay in the middle of Canada
Southern extension of the Hudson Bay
Sea between Alaska and Siberia
Sea containing Venice
Sea between Italy and Greece
Gulf containing Bahrain
Sea containing Sardinia
Gulf that the Mississippi river flows into
Gulf inside southern Indochina; bordering Cambodia
Sea bordering Banda Aceh
Sea that Macao borders
Straight in Patagonia
Gulf named for the capital of Latvia
Sea containing the Isle of Man
Straight between the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea
Straight between Indonesia and Indochina

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