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Forced Order
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Who was the final person to enter the closet?
Who solves the mystery of the urinal deuce?
What does Randy stick his balls into to get testicular cancer?
What is the last name of Jimbo's best friend Ned?
Who are the top 3 best looking boys on the list, in order, on the episode 'The List'?
What is the name of Towelie's son?
How many times is the word '$hit' said in 'It hits the fan'?
What does Kyle Broflovski hate more than pee?
Who was the first person to get trapped in the closet?
What is the name of the prostitute Jimmy has sex with to stop having erections?
What does Stan teach the baby mountain lions to do to stop the woodland critters?
Who is the winner of biggest douche in the universe?
What celebrity do Cartman and Kenny dress up as a moose to get shot?
How long does it take for something terrible to become funny?
Who is Bradley Biggle's sister?
What does Russell Crowe do to make his tug boat, Tugger, shoot himself?
Who was the second person to enter the closet?
Mysterion and what other coon and friend hero has powers?
What book does Butters write after Scrotie Mcboogerballs?
What fast food restaurant did the criminals in the episode 'Super Fun Time' rob?
What does Russell Crowe start fighting at the end of his show 'Fightin' 'round the world'?

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