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You can only hold carry one of these expensive items.Item
This shop opens at 10pm and closes first thing in the morning.Location
Skull Kid floats above the clock tower with only this fairy as a companion.Character
A player who wants to purchase this mask must have the Giant's Wallet.Mask
This song is played in the center of Clock Town on midnight of the third night.Song
This clever abuse of precise frames allows your sword's or stick's hitboxes to remain activeGlitch
How many Owl Statues can Link use by the end of the game to get around the world?Misc
This upgrade for your sword expires as soon as it is swung 100 times.Item
You can find a healthy amount of water in this part of Clock Town, but you might not want to drink it.Location
This character resides in West Clock Town and helps a fugitive hide from his fiencé.Character
This mask aids you in earning a piece of heart at Romani Ranch and is found in a Skultulla house.Mask
You can hear this song simply by waiting until midnight of the third night to come by.Song
Because of this explosive technique, Link can travel as fast as a Goron can roll.Glitch
How many possible questions can a multi-tailed fox spring upon you in his game of witts?Misc
Twin Mold has two colors, red and blue. Which item will do triple damage against the red one?Item
Picture yourself here, then picture yourself getting kicked out by the leafy inhabitants.Location
After fighting his two henchmen, this ancient soldier will rise to go blade to blade against you.Character
You're going to have to make a bet with the Gorman Brothers to obtain this mask.Mask
This song creates an empty shell of the character who plays it.Song
This glitch takes advantage of all four fairy fountains being loaded on a common map and allows early access to other areas.Glitch
What Timeline is Majora's Mask found in?Misc
This item is rewarded by the Great Fairy of IkanaItem
Multiple masks allow you to communicate with the creatures within this haunting maze.Location
After chasing him down, you must battle him until his unconditional surrender.Character
Take the identity of this goron conducter as you gather the frogs to meet at snowhead.Mask
This song earns you a mask and requires all four forms.Song
This glitch allows your to overcome wide gaps and tall obstacles taking advantage of sword hit-box programming.Glitch
How much faster does time go during the first cycle?Misc
In Deku form, the southern swamp business deku scrub will offer you these for sale.Item
Kafei chases a thief into here to find the whereabouts of his ceremonial mask.Location
Leader singer for the Zora Band who lost her voice after laying seven strange eggs.Character
This mask proves your membership at the adult-only venue in East Clock TownMask
Speedrunners have still not found a way to skip this song, but they have managed to skip it's cutscene.Song
You can take advantage of the high velocity you gain from explosions to pull of this far out trick.Glitch
What drink in the game is meant only for adults due to its effect on the human body?Misc
There are six of these in this game which totals two more than Ocarina of TimeItem
Three out of seven Zora Eggs unfortunately wind up here.Location
This character, whose name is never mentioned, accuses the Mayor's sun of running away and having an afair.Character
You can earn this mask with spiritual healing on midnight of day 1 or day 2.Mask
In the early NTSC-J versions of Majora's Mask, the only way to save would be to play this song.Song
You can always taste this timely trick to buy yourself more time. (Include the word 'Glitch')Glitch
Majora's Mask was born from a lack of desire to work on this expansion of another N64 title.Misc

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