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Where does Olivia go to get Peter?
What is the name of the mental institution?
Who originally owns Massive Dynamic?
Who is Olivia's partner after Scott dies?
What does Astrid study?
Where does Peter fake a degree from?
What is always on Walter's mind?
Where is Peter saved?
What's Broyles' first name?
What are the fringe events called?
What's the main observer's name?
What's the cow's name?
Who wrote ZFT (as referred to by Walter)?
Where does the gentleman live?
Green, green, green... what's next?
Who is Olivia's niece?
(Ring!) It's...
What's Walter's favorite drug?
What's the flash in the theme song?
147 people were killed in both what?
What drug was given in Jacksonville?
Well, she's not dull...
They're not worms, they're...
What is a nickname for Astrid?
Who was Olivia's day care partner?
What is the first shapeshifters' blood?
Who is the stolen head?
Who is sliced in half?
What is still standing in the other universe?
What was attacked instead?
What was in the tea?
Who is Fauxlivia's partner?
Be a better man than who?
What's the machine's name?
Who owns the bowling alley?
Who is the first of the obsevers to die?
In Edina, a moth turned into what?
Who gets infected in Vitas Petrol?
What was Grandpa Bishop's symbol?
What does Walter ask of Olivia?

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