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How many goals has the Serie A top scorer of the 2015 calendar year Gonzalo Higuain scored?
Who is the oldest player of the 2015-16 Serie A?
Which team that is not currently in Serie A has taken part in the most seasons in the top flight?
Name the only Kenyan player to have ever played in Serie A?
Which team amassed the second most amount of points in 2015?
Who is the youngest outfield player of the 2015-16 Serie A?
Which team scored the most goals in 2015?
Name the goalkeeper who has saved the most penalties so far?
When was the last season in which Juventus were not winter champions?
How many Serie A coaches were fired in 2015?
2015-16 marked Francesco Totti's 24th season as a Roma player but against who did he make his first-team debut at 16 in the league?
Who is currently the longest serving coach in Serie A?
Who has collected the most yellow cards in the 2015-16 season so far?
Which goalkeeper has been forced into making the most saves in 2015-16?
Which country is Bologna full-back Adam Masina from?
Which club has the highest amount of Serie A player appearances in their squad?
Who is the longest serving non-Italian player in Serie A currently?
Name the team that has scored the most goals this season in the first half
Name the team that has recouped the most points from losing positions in 2015-16
Which was the last club to be bottom at Christmas and escape relegation?

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