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A sensory deprivation tank with Homer inside washes up on the shore. What does Ralph think the tank is?
What is the name of Lisa’s substitute teacher that she falls in love with?
Simpson and Son is the brand name for what?
Homer lands in the hospital after Bart’s April Fool’s Day prank. Bart’s prank involved an explosion of what?
What is the name of the Collie that Bart bought to replace Santa’s Little Helper?
What is the music festival that Homer sends Bart and Lisa to?
A front page headline reveals that there is a squirrel that resembles who?
When the court clerk discovers the Springfield Prohibition law, he also discovers a law requiring what to wear long pants?
Mr. Burns has actors attempt to fool Bart into thinking his family does not want him back, but Homer says something that makes Bart suspicious. What does Homer say?
What does letter “N” in the acronym S.N.U.H. stand for?
Homer mistakes his mother’s grave with the grave of who?
What is the name of the spacecraft Homer takes into space?
What is the name of the cult that most of the Springfield citizens join?
After Bart is expelled, he is completely floored by which book that Marge makes him read?
After Mr. Burns loses his fortune, which wrestler moves into his mansion?
While en route to Itchy and Scratchy Land, we find out at a check point that Homer has stuffed the trunk with what?
The Do What We Say Festival was established in Springfield by settlers from which country?
What is Apu’s favorite baseball squadron?
Ned Flanders is fired as principal of Springfield Elementary for allowing what to happen in school?
What is the name of the German who takes control of the Hellfish Bonanza?
What design is on the back of Homer’s swimming trunks?
Who is Reverend Lovejoy’s first visitor upon moving to Springfield?
What is Marge’s specific hair dye color?
Which random celebrity is called upon to give a eulogy at Krusty’s funeral?
Who tells Ralph to burn things?
What is the restaurant owned by the Sea Captain?
What make of car does Superintendent Chalmers drive?
Homer, Moe and Barney take Bart hunting to quote “cure” him of what?
Who is the celebrity Bart books at his treehouse casino
Nelson has Bart stop in Branson to see which famous singer?
Homer starts a vigilante group to find who?
According to Grampa Simpson, the occurrence of Simpson men being regularly stupid is known as what?
Dr. Nick Riviera is watching an instructional video for performing a triple bypass operation but the video has been taped over by a show titled “People Who _____ ____ ______.”
The very first Itchy cartoon featured Itchy decapitating which historical figure?
Chief Wiggum institutes a city-wide curfew for all children after the destructive hijinx of what character?
What does Homer think is the name for a bear riding in a little car?
Muddy Mae Suggins is the alias for which character?
When Bart uses super glue to adhere novelty prosthetics to his face, what does Dr. Hibbert use to remove the items?
Complete the quote: “That’s it! You people have stood in my way long enough! I’m going to ______.”
Where is Bart conceived?
What does Flanders call Itchy and Scratchy?
What is the name of the dangerous item in Bart’s bowl of Krusty-O’s that lands him in the hospital?
What is the name of the amusment park that features Trampoline World, Muckville USA and Fort Adventure?
Complete the Marge Simpson Quote: “I’ve Gotta Stop Fantasizing About _____.”
The first time we meet Springfield lawyer Lionel Hutz, who is his client?
Apu temporarily scams himself out of marrying Manjula by telling his mother he is married to who instead?
What does Moe call a garage?
Almost everyone at Martin’s birthday party gets food-poisoning after eating what?
Which celebrity’s photo is used as the doggy door at the Pimento Grove restaurant?
What is the name of the hit song the celebrities of Springfield record in support of Timmy O’ Toole?

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