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What are Homer and Marge doing at high school when they meet for the first time?
What is the name of Mr. Burns’s lost bear?
Who was planned to be the original villain in the Simpsons Movie?
After divorcing Kirk Van Houten, which American Gladiator does Lou Ann start dating?
What Springfield Elementary mascot does Lisa deface?
Homer’s failure at constructing something becomes a popular work of art. What does he try to construct?
Which doctor works at the Family Therapy Center?
What business does Marge buy from Frank Ormond?
When auditioning to be Mr. Burns’s heir, Homer writes Bart cue cards that refer to Monty Burns as who?
What is the name of Bleeding Gums Murphy’s album that Lisa has played on KJAZZ radio?
What is the special ingredient to a Flaming Moe?
What nation does Bart represent in the Model UN Club?
What is the name of the motivational speaker who urges everyone to be like Bart?
What is Mr. Burns’s son’s name?
Iggy Wiggum, Sheldon Skinner, and Arnie Gumble are members of what military unit?
At a Renaissance Fair, Lisa wanders into Friar Wiggum’s Fantastical Beastarium, which features the Esquilax. What is an esquilax?
What is the name of Springfield A&M’s mascot?
What is the babysitting service that provides the Simpsons with Ms. Botz?
What is the name clue that Smithers gives Bart and Lisa to help them take down Mayor Bob Terwilliger?
According to Joe Namath, what is the third most common cause of car stalling?
What is the show that Mr. Smithers watched instead of shooting Mr. Burns?
Homer is recognized as the “chosen one” of what ancient mystic society?
Revealed in the 138th Episode Spectacular, what does the cash register say in the show’s intro when Maggie is scanned?
Who cannot seem to get a job although his work experience includes five years of modern dance and six years of tap?
What is the team name of the bowling squad made up of Cletus, Luigi, Sea Captain and Groundskeeper Willie that begged Apu to join?
Who is the 3-time soapbox derby champion that Bart idolizes?
What Simpsons character has Yello’s song “Oh Yeah” as their theme song?
When Mr. Burns loses all his money, who does the bank put in charge of the power plant?
Barry White is hired to be the Grand Marshall of what Springfield event?
Skinner and Krabbapel agree to end the teacher’s strike by combining Springfield Elementary with what?
What is the number to Lionel Hutz’s law firm?
Bart and Milhouse go on a squishy bender after using a $20 bill to by a squishy made entirely out of what?
What is the name of the plush bear the Simpsons buy during Love Day?
What is Krusty the Clown’s full name?
Ned Flanders believes insurance is a form of what?
What is the name of Mr. Burns’s old Yale roommate?
When Mark Hamill appears at the Bi-Mon Sci-Fi Con, what does he start talking to the crowd about instead of Star Wars?
When Homer regains his hair, he is promoted and hires an assistant named who?
In 22 Short Films About Springfield, which character’s segment is portrayed entirely in a different language?
What was the original character name for Hans Moleman?
During a work-related retreat, Homer becomes trapped in an avalanche-buried cabin with who?
What are the brands of shoes that Ned Flanders wears
In the alternate ending to Casablanca, who does Ilsa Lund kill?
When Apu is fired from the Kwik-E-Mart, who is hired as his replacement?
What was Patty and Selma’s mascot for the Olympics?
Marge orders some subliminal messaging tapes for Homer to build his vocabulary, but she intended to order the tapes for him to do what?
What does the 2nd Valentine’s card say that Lisa gives to Ralph Wiggum?
After Homer and Marge get re-married, a band plays that features a member of what famous rock band?
A new show features a character named Homer Simpson, which leads Homer to change his name to Max Power. What is the name of this show?
What kind of food makes Lisa a vegetarian?

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