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Description of StuffWhat is it?
This is a neutron star that releases giant bursts of electromagnetic radiation
These faraway objects are high redshift sources of electromagnetic energy, and are found in the center of gigantic galaxies.
Gliese 581 c is an example of what?
Between Io, Europa, and Earth's Moon, which is the largest?
Makemake is what?
The galaxy M104 in the constellation Virgo is better known as?
The mixture of stuff in space between each and every star system in the universe is called what?
Which moon of Mars is destined for destruction, either as an impacting object on the face of Mars, or as a planetary ring?
Despite it being featured in almost all sci-fi movies and television shows, what do we experience when we see portrayals of outer space that we would never be able to experience wi
Eta Carinae, a giant Wolf-Rayet star in the Milky Way that is nearing the end of its life, could collapse into this.
This hypothetical end to the universe would involve every single thing that exists in our universe collapsing on itself to the most minute existence, heating up as it contracted.
What happens when matter meets anti-matter?
One of the unique traits of Jupiter's 'Great Red Spot,' is that the storm moves what?
Description of StuffWhat is it?
This occurs to objects that pass through a black hole's event horizon.
88 Days is all it takes for Mercury to do what to the sun?
In 4.5 billion years, this galaxy is set to collide with the Milky Way.
Of the four fundamental forces of nature, this force is the weakest.
Composed of iron and nickel, the outer core of the Earth is in what physical state?
Speaking in astronomical terms, this shoulder of Orion is due very soon for a violent supernova death.
Due in 2010, then 2011, and now basically anytime, we will likely experience a lot of activity from the sun.
The 'Pillars of Creation' are located in which nebula?
These form to create hadrons, such as a proton or neutron.
What 'wonder of the solar system' did Galileo discover concerning a fairly uniformed gathering of rock, ice, and other materials?
How gravity fits in with quantum mechanics, and dictates that indeed 10 dimensions exist.
The point where matter has zero volume, yet infinite density.

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