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Movie or TV Show DescriptionsMashed Up NameMovie or TV Show Description
The cook at a remote marine laboratory has to help fight off some genetically modified sharks.A man employs tyrannical pedagogical methods to instruct a jazz drumming prodigy
The world’s most dangerous and drunken secret agent (who may or may not also be the owner of a burger joint) spends a year trying to figure out how to sell cocaine for the CIA.A police officer falls in love with a fellow officer who goes undercover at a beauty pageant.
The matriarch of a dysfunctional California real estate family accused of some minor treason spends her days drinking martinis and plotting ways to outwit her rival and namesake.A pair of cantankerous Minnesota gentlemen feud over a beautiful woman who has just moved to town.
An assistant personnel director for a Cleveland department store pals around with his three friends and endures the machinations of his arch-rival, a clownish co-worker.A vapid socialite from Kentucky visits NYC with her wealthy, boorish, and racist husband and is wooed by her ex, who had dedicated his life to amassing enough wealth, by any means necessary, to sufficiently impress her shallow but expensive tastes.
A woman spends 12 years arguing with a man about whether or not men and women can be platonic friends, makes a scene in a diner, and discovers that they cannot just be friends.An upper crust Harvard student falls in love with a blue collar girl from a neighboring college and the two experience elation, the ostracism of family, financial hardships, and ultimate heartache together, but never regret.
The debonair and ghoulish patriarch of a museum dwelling clan welcomes an imposter posing as his long lost brother, only to discover that the imposter really is his brother.Nothing happens to a group of friends living in NYC, except a contest about enduring pleasure denial, and they are eventually arrested for doing nothing.
Nothing happens to a man who created a television show about nothing.A pair of FBI agents investigate supernatural occurrences and government conspiracies.
A prim and proper girl starts a new high school and sings about her summer romance who just happens to go to the same school.A man takes his family on vacation to a northern lakeside cabin and has adventures involving a man who was struck by lightning 66 times in the cranium and a bald assed bear.
The main attraction in an all-male revue befriends and mentors a new guy in the enchanting art of stripping only to be replaced by his protégé when he quits in disgust.An orphaned girl goes on a road trip with a con man who may or who may not be her father, but who definitely owes her $200.
A young woman takes her sister’s place and enters a brutal yearly fight to the death with other adolescents.An old man organizes a jewelry store heist which goes horribly wrong, the color coded gang of criminals discovers they have been infiltrated by an undercover cop, the super sounds of the 70s underscore a brutal mutilation, and the situation ends in a deadly Mexican standoff.
A high-school slacker hangs out in his parents’ basement with his stoner friends, and endures his curmudgeonly father’s grating opinion of the intelligence of his posterior.A woman helps her voyeuristic and temporarily immobilized boyfriend investigate a possible murder in his neighbor’s apartment.
A group of detectives in NYC handle the city’s most sensitive and heinous crimes and work with the district attorney’s office to secure convictions.A techie stoner lets aspiring developers and programmers use his house as an idea incubator, and one of the projects leads to a revolution in streaming media compression.
A rough and tumble girl torments and eventually befriends a prim and proper girl who is new to school, deals with teen pregnancy, and sings about cherishing high school.A former high school bully and his victim become cops and team up to go undercover as high school students and bust a drug ring.
A silent film actor and his comedic friend help an actress start her career after she fills in as the voice of his former co-star, whose voice is ill suited to talkies.A woman is created by a pair of high-school science nerds, she teaches them how to party and not to wear women’s underwear on their heads.
Movie or TV Show DescriptionsMashed Up NameMovie or TV Show Description
A married British woman falls in love with a cartographer in the desert at the end of World War II, and their romance eventually leads to her death and his disfigurement.An actor who is past his prime and a struggling writer go on a tour of California wine country where the two contemplate love, sex, and professional unfulfillment.
Three out of work silent film stars pursue an acting opportunity in rural Mexico only to discover the bullets and bad guys are real.Three out of work silent film stars pursue an acting opportunity in rural Mexico only to discover the bullets and bad guys are real.
A group of four high school seniors make a vow to lose their virginity before they graduate, and one of them succeeds with the school jock’s mother.A college student earns room and board by working as a live in guardian (who may actually be running things, if theme songs are to be believed) for a family with three children, and when the family moves away, another family with three children in need of a guardian moves in and he is able to continue working and living there.
A quiet and formerly uptight girl finds confidence, friendship, and an inappropriately named monkey when she joins an eclectic study group at community college.A rock star watches her ex-boyfriend engage in comic book and videogame style battles against his new girlfriend’s seven nefarious exes
The quintessential high school loner struggles to find friends, gets involved in a deadly and eerily prophetic car race, and sees one of his two friends gunned down by police.An alien poses as a news reporter to hide his identity and tries to build a life with his girlfriend and fellow reporter.
A prospector finds oil and proves to be inscrutable, paranoid, and ruthless in building his empire, even losing respect for property rights regarding chilled dairy beverages.The personification of an adolescent girl’s anger is repeatedly forced to listen to an annoying commercial jingle while attempting to help her other emotions restore balance after the girl loses control of her sadness and joy
A paleontologist and paleobotanist are convinced to visit a wealthy old man’s new island theme park so they can evaluate its attractions and lots of people die.An extremely young doctor uses his diary to track the challenges and triumphs he faces in the medical field and in life.
A self-obsessed B-list comedy actor revitalizes his struggling career by starring in a sketch comedy show and making life difficult on his new boss with his hilarious antics.A man talks about penguins.
An Egyptian queen balances her ambition for power, her desire to protect her kingdom, and her love for a Roman general.A werewolf mopes around a rainforest lamenting a girl he lost to a glittery vampire.
A man narrates a story about a cursed boy and a girl who was raised by wolves working together to combat deforestation and industrialization in feudal Japan.A young Naval officer candidate becomes romantically involved with a local girl who tells him she is pregnant in an attempt to get him to marry her, but when he drops out of the officer training program to propose to her, she reveals that she was lying about the pregnancy and only wanted to marry an officer, he reacts by committing suicide.
An adult film star with an affinity for roller skates helps mentor a huge new star, and is trapped in the business as the evolving use of video cheapens her already cheap world.The king of the Britons takes his servant and his “horse” to look for a cup, employs the help of various knights, gets insulted by a colorful and stubborn Frenchman, and engages in a lively aerodynamic debate.
An ancient wizard turns his back on his order to help the most evil being in existence build an army, attempt to conquer the world, and get its ring back.A badly wounded astronaut is saved when scientists turn him into a cyborg for what today seems like a rather reasonable fee.
A NYC writer and her three friends spend their days discussing the complex issues women face in society and sex.Eccentric dog owners travel to Philadelphia, have to frantically explain the difference between a fish and a bee, and watch their Weimaraner bite and growl her way out of a dog show which is eventually won by a dog led by a man with two left feet, literally.

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