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Can you name the words or nouns which they're not one of them?

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Forced Order
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GroupsAnswerWhat are They
Alaska, Michigan, New Jersey, Tibet
Quote, Question, Out, Quest
Yellow, Maroon, Red, Blue
Inahime, Shizune, Gwen Tennyson, Agnes
harpoon, Dominic, ballpen, wheel
Panda, Monkey, Cow, Piano
Morocco, Macedonia, Mozambique, Malawi
Gru, Vector, Ash, Margo
Odie, K9, Akamaru, Garfield
Tehran, Riyadh, Cairo, Damascus
Miami, Los Angeles, Moscow, New York
Xerox, Xylophone, Mexico, Justice
Daisy, Peach, Apple, Mario
Macedonia, Madagascar, Kazakhstan, Mongolia
ballpen, chalk, pencil, blackboard
GroupsAnswerWhat are They
Weezing, Gardevoir, May, Pikachu
37, 42, 54, 96
15, 19, 34, 24
Doctor Heinz Doofenshmirtz, Pain, Cruella de Vil, Dirty Bubbles
Ukraine, China, Netherlands, Philippines
tahitiwahini, psubball1, Flick, Laos
Honshu, Mindanao, Shikoku, Hokkaido
South Island, Moldova, Luzon, Kyushu
Manila, Mecca, Manama, Mexico City
Latvia, Russia, Poland, Lithuania
Ukraine, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia
Hidan, Sasori, Kiba, Konan
Chowder, Ben 10, Mario, Mojo Jojo
Arceus, Zapdos, Pikachu, Jirachi

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