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Can you name the Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga?

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Which is not compare, Oho Ocean, Hoohoo Mountain, SE Beanbean?
Aside from Beanbean Castle Town and Little Fungitown, which is the common town?
Who is the princess in Mushroom Kingdom?
How many Beanlets do you count/collect?
Who is the prince in Beanbean Kingdom?
What place have billions and billions of Chuckola Fruit?
What castle is very fiery and horrable?
What is the lower discount in photography?
What is the coldest mountain?
What desert is very wide?
Mushroom: Toad; Beanbean: ???
What city look alike Mushroom Kingdom?
In the summit, what is the castle you see (not in the telescope)?
What city is airport?
Who is the protagonist?
What city is in the border?
How many Beanstones do you count/collect?
What is the final boss of Mario and Luigi?
Who is the queen in Beanbean Kingdom?
What island is very rocky?
What kind of star that has power to grant any and all desires?
What university is creepy?
Which is the largest place, Oho Ocean, Beanbean Kingdom or Hoohoo Mountain?
..... hottest mountain?
Who is the assistant?

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