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First Man Set Foot on the Moon
First US President
First Indonesian Positive Number
First English Letter
First Color of the Rainbow
First Element in Periodic Table
First Planet Nearest From the Sun
First Greek Alphabet
First Capital City of Denmark
First Roman Emperor
First Pope
First Unova Pokémon in National Pokédex
First Chinese Dynasty
First Prime Minister of Italy
First Blessed Trinity
First Month of the Year
First Female President of Ireland
First Book of the Bible in Old Testament
First Explorer who Circumnavigated the World
First Civilians who Commit Espionage in US History
First Book of the Bible in New Testament
First Wife of Kim Il-Sung
First Man in Outer Space
First Polish Pope
First Country to Read Fables
First South American Saint
First Pokémon Games
First Black President of South Africa
First Country to Discovered Cinema
First US President Failed to Assasinated

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