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QUIZ: Can you name the answers begins in P and ends in N?

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Forced Order
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The thing possessed (10)
A draught or form (4)
Part of the speech (11)
Use to cooking (3)
Relation or adaption on one portion (10)
Relative place (8)
Liquid mixture with mysterious and magical mixtures (6)
Number of people (10)
Country of Karachi (8)
A word used instead of noun or name (7)
Hurt; Ache (4)
A collection of small or microscopic organisms (8)
A plane figures had five angles (8)
A person who is active in party politics (10)
Shrimp (5)
Animal have wings use by swimming (7)
Home of the pigs (6)
Large tent or covered area (8)
Minions of the king (4)
A short, straight sharp steel wire object (3)

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