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Can you name the questioin to be answers starts with letter A?

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What A occupation works to found fossils and trilobites?
What A continent has the most countries include?
What A vertebrates are cold-blooded animals that enable to live both water and land?
What A movie that people turn into blue alien, it began since 2010 and starring James Cameron?
What A empire in Mexico since 15th century?
What A country is Baku a capital city?
What A US state is the largest states in US?
What A disease allergic reaction caused by particles such as dust and pollens?
What A word is another word from epiphytes?
What A type of spider is ends -phobia?
What A animal is ant-eater aside from armadillo, anteater and antelope?
What A fruit is rotten and green and red colors?
What A city is the largest city in Kazakhstan?
What A month is celebrate Holy Week?
What A word is part of the mathematics?

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