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MeaningWho is He/She/It?
Main Character in Naruto
Fourth Hokage
Pink Ninja can Heal
Fifth Hokage
Fifth Hokage's Assistant
Leader of Otagakure
Grey Hair and Eyeglasses
Founder of Uchiha Clan
Leader of Akatsuki
Youngest Uchiha Clan
MeaningWho is He/She/It?
Main Character in Mario
Mario's Assistant
Princess in Mushroom Kingdom
Dinosaur that can Ride
Female Dinosaur can Ride
Toad who is Older
Toad who are Females
Toad who are Males
Who had Thorny Koopa Shell
Evil Witch in Beanbean Kingdom
MeaningWho is He/She/It?
Plant can Produces Sun
Plant can Repeat Shooting Pea
Main Character in Plants Vs. Zombies
Plant can Popped Out Balloons
Another Plant can Popped Out Balloons
Plant can Protect and Vaulting Zombies
Plant can Protect and cannot be Vaulting by Zombies
Main Zombies
Mastermind Zombie
Plant who Evolves Kernel-pult

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