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Which well known celebrity singer said: 'I believe in the Bible. I believe that all good things come from God. I don't believe I'd sing the way I do if God hadn't wanted me to.'?
Where was Elvis first initiated to singing and maybe even dancing other than within his family or in his home?
Elvis was not born alone. He had an older twin brother Jesse Garon Presley. What happened to him?
With all the songs he performed during his career, Elvis won just three Grammys. They were for?
From 1956 to 1970, which legendary Gospel group, performed alongside Elvis?
Elvis is quoted to have said, 'Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain't goin' away.' True or False
Which great American composer-conductor said, Elvis was 'the greatest cultural force in the twentieth century.' His music 'changed everything..it's a whole new social revolution.'?
In 2012 a Bible used by Elvis Presley was bought at an auction in Cheshire, UK for approximately how much? (Options are US$ 40000, 50000, 110000, 95000)
One of the lines emphasized by Elvis in his Bible is Luke 9:25, 'What is a man advantaged if he gain the whole world and lose himself or be cast away?' True or False
Which well known singer is estimated to have sold over one billion record units worldwide, more than anyone in record industry history?

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