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Body mass index, mass/height squared.
An enzyme which has been overheated and no longer works.
A gland which produces a hormone.
Hormone which raises blood glucose by causing liver and muscles to break down glycogen.
Sugar transported by the blood and used in respiration.
Polymer of glucose used to store glucose in the liver and muscles.
Maintaining stable internal environment.
A chemical which travels in the blood and could be said to be a messenger, if you will.
Part of brain co-ordinating thermoregulation.
The body becomes dangerously hot.
The body becomes dangerously cold.
Hormone which lowers blood glucose by causing liver and muscles to store glycogen.
An action the brain has no control over.
A change in conditions triggers events returning conditions to their original state.
BMI over 30.
Control of body water content.
Endocrine gland producing both insulin and glucagon.
Part of a target organ which detects a hormone.
Organ which responds to a hormone.
Control of body temperature.
Insulin is not produced by the pancreas.
Insulin not detected by target organs.
Narrowing the arterioles leading to capillaries under the skin.
Widening the arterioles leading to capillaries under the skin.

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