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Can you name the Edexel Visible Light and the Solar System?

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Maximum displacement of a wave
The lens of a telescope placed closest to the eye
The distance between a lens and a focussed image
The number of waves that pass a certain point each second
A local collection of stars and planets orbiting a central point
Suggests that all objects orbit the Earth
Suggests that all objects orbit the Sun
A device for bending light rays
A wave where the vibrations are in line with the direction of travel
The increase in size of an image from a telescope
The lens that is pointed towards the object to be viewed
An image that can be projected onto a screen
The bending of a wave as it travels from one material to another at an angle
A collection of planets orbiting a star
A device for splitting light into its separate components
A device that allows objects in the sky to be magnified
A wave where the vibration is perpendicular to the direction of travel
The Universe contains all of space
An image that can be seen but not projected onto a screen
A vibration that transfers energy but not material
The distance between two equal parts of a wave

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