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Year incorporated
City namesake
City nickname
Flag color
Flag color
Current mayor
MLB team
MLB venue
NFL team
MLS team
NFL and MLS venue
WNBA venue
(Defunct) NBA Team
Former MLB and NFL stadium (demolished in 2000)
Tallest building
Oldest skyscraper
605 foot tall landmark, built for the 1962 World's Fair
Frank Gehry-designed museum
Famous market established in 1907
4-year public university founded in 1861
Time zone
Sound (body of water)
Largest bordering lake
2001 earthquake
Seattle's said to be the home of this style of rock music
Seattle-based rock band (frontman: Kurt Cobain)
Seattle-based rock band (frontman: Chris Cornell)
Seattle-based rock band (frontman: Eddie Vedder)
Seattle-born legendary guitarist
International music and arts festival
1993-2004 NBC sitcom set in Seattle
2005-present ABC medical drama set in Seattle

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