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Can you name the lyrics to 'August and Everything After' by Counting Crows?

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HintFill in the Blank
They're waking up____
She makes____
With her head,____
Sleep for a couple minutes more. I said___
For the cold hearted things____
At least once____
she says___
Slips my mind of what____
We're getting___
And always____
You look into her eyes and____
In August and everything after you____
I stumbled into Washington Square____
And i lay down on the lawn of the____
Right there in the____
And i'm just one____
Evidently there ain't_____
It's just me and I'm____
She wants to be____
And I want____
One day____
The next you're____
Dress you up in white satin____
In August and everything after, I'm after___
I said lalalala...I got my reservations, and I____
And i got the number of some____
Who is always_____
HintFill in the Blank
So i never have to_____
and i got this nasty little habit of____
Of all the little girls as____
And I wonder___
You think they'd talk me down, think___
Well I've already got my disease so___
Well I hope you weren't___
Crucified the____
To hang me from the____
It's midnight in___
And I am waiting here for___
In August and everything after i want___
I said lalalala...well i came down from___
Because I had confidence in___
And every one I know is___
And dancing with their shirt off in___
So I've gone to___
Cause it gotta a little___
When I find myself alone___
I make the changes___
But I no longer know how to___
I live in dog town and it's a___
I change my____
Over and over but they never seem to___
Now I'm the last___
Looking for the place where the___
In August and everything after man___
I said in August and everything after___

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