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Quote:Who Said It:
'No. If I let myself love you, I won't throw myself in front of her. I'll throw myself in front of you.”
'It's always a good a time to think about you naked,'
'It looks to me like it came from a garage sale. I thought a precious Dragomir would have standards.'
'Hey Rose, welcome back. You still breaking hearts?”
'Don't worry, I won't bite. Well, at least not in the way you're afraid of.'
'I wasn't aware you had any religious needs.”
'Yeah? We're friends, and I don't know what's in your 'heart and mind.' Of course, some might argue that one can never know what's in the heart of a woman—”
Quote:Who Said It:
'Save her. Save her from herself!'
'Why, Mr. Zeklos, are you the aforementioned J? The one who earned a smiley face from the sloppy writer?'
'Pretty? I'm stunningly sexy but not pretty.”
'Not that hurt? I'm not talking about her ankle ... I'm talking about the car accident. Because you're right, you know. Rose didn't get 'that hurt.' She died.”
'I don't believe in angels, I believe in what I can do for myself.”
'Everyone here thinks they know who I am.”
'I mean exactly what i say Hathaway. Go to the front of the class.'

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