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Year MovieDirector
1951Lee Sholem
1966Leslie H. Martinson
1978Philip DeGuere
1978Richard Donner
1980Richard Lester
1982Wes Craven
1983Richard Lester
1984Jeannot Szwarc
1984Lloyd Kaufman
1986Willard Huyck
1987Sidney J. Furie
1989Tim Burton
1989Mark Goldblatt
1989Jim Wynorski
1989Lloyd Kaufman
1989Lloyd Kaufman
1990Albert Pyun
1990Sam Raimi
1990Steve Baron
1991Steve Wang
1991Joe Johnston
1991Michael Pressman
1992Tim Burton
1993Robert Townsend
1993Stuart Gillard
1994Mike Binder
1994Alex Proyas
1994Oley Sassone
1994Steve Wang
1994Chuck Russell
1994Russell Mulcahy
1995Joel Schumacher
1995Jonathan Winfrey
1995Bradford May
1995Danny Cannon
1995Bryan Spicer
1996Tim Pope
1996Bradford May
1996Simon Wincer
1997Joel Schumacher
Year MovieDirector
1997Jonathan Winfrey
1997Mark A.Z. Dippe
1997Kenneth Johnson
1998Stephen Norrington
1999Kinka Usher
2000Lloyd Kaufman
2000Bharat Nalluri
2000Craig Mazin
2000M. Night Shyamalan
2000Bryan Singer
2002Guillermo del Toro
2002Sam Raimi
2003Mark Steven Johnson
2003Ang Lee
2003Stephen Norrington
2003Bryan Singer
2004David S. Goyer
2004Guillermo del Toro
2004Jonathan Hensleigh
2004Sam Raimi
2005Robert Rodriguez
2005Christopher Nolan
2005Francis Lawrence
2005Lance Mungia
2005Rob Bowman
2005Tim Story
2005Brett Leonard
2005Mike Mitchell
2005Lawrence Guterman
2005James McTeigue
2006Don E. FauntLeRoy
2006Bryan Singer
2006Brett Ratner
2006Peter Hewitt
2007Tim Story
2007Mark Steven Johnson
2007Sam Raimi
2007Frederik Du Chau
2008Christopher Nolan
Year MovieDirector
2008Peter Berg
2008Guillermo del Toro
2008Louis Leterrier
2008Jon Favreau
2008Lexi Alexander
2008Frank Miller
2009Peter Stebbings
2009Zack Snyder
2009Gavin Hood
2010Jon Favreau
2010Jimmy Hayward
2010Matthew Vaughn
2010James Gunn
2011Joe Johnston
2011Michel Gondry
2011Martin Campbell
2011Kenneth Branagh
2011Jason Trost
2011Matthew Vaughn
2012Marc Webb
2012Joss Whedon
2012Josh Trank
2012Christopher Nolan
2012Pete Travis
2013Shane Black
2013Jeff Wadlow
2013Zack Snyder
2013Robert Schwentke
2013Alan Taylor
2013James Mangold
2014Marc Webb
2014Anthony & Joe Russo
2014James Gunn
2014Bryan Singer
2015Peyton Reed
2015Joss Whedon
2015Josh Trank
2016Tim Miller

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