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In 2003 who did Lebron beat for the ROTY award?
Before Russell Westbrook did it in 2017 who was the only person to average a triple-double in a season?
3rd pick in the 1984 draft?
Who won the 2008 Championship?
While Russell Westbrook was at UCLA which current NBA player played with him?
What team drafted Shaquille O'Neal?
Which Chicago Bulls center almost committed suicide?
Who won back to back MVP's twice?
Before playing in Houston what team did James Harden play for?
Who won three Finals MVP's in a row with the Lakers in the early 2000s?
What college did Chris Paul go to?
What arena do the Wizards play in?
Who is the head coach for the Cleveland Cavs?
What number jersey does Kawhi Leonard wear?
What year did Pau Gasol win ROTY?
What year was the three point line introduced?
Who is the NBA logo?
What team did Hakeem Olajuwon win two rings with?
Who was the first black coach in the NBA
Who was the second pick in the 2013 draft?
What seven foot center did the Rockets take in the 2002 draft?
Stephen Curry's father played for what team?
What is David Robinson's nickname?
What team draft Kobe Bryant?
Other than 23 and 45 what number did Michael Jordan wear?

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