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Developed unglazed porcelain bacteria filter
Performed the fly/flask experiment
Proposed germ theory of contagions
Studied silkworm disease
Attempted to grow pure cultures but initially couldn't find functional host substance
Discovered antibodies that neutralized diphtheria toxin
Coined the term chemotherapy
Won Nobel Prize for discovery of relationship between Helicobacter and ulcers
Mice can arise from rags and wheat
Won Nobel Prize for development of PCR
Carried typhoid bacillus in stool and had to be quarantined
Discovered Bacillus anthracis as the cause of anthrax
Won Nobel Prize for discovery of first recombinant DNA molecules
Developed rabies, foul cholera, and anthrax vaccines
Invented smallpox vaccine
Invented Petri Dishes
Won Nobel Prize for discovery of gene regulation
Used sterilized instruments to decrease instances of sepsis
Won first nobel prize in medicine
Discovered hoof and mouth disease (first known animal virus)
Won Nobel Prize for work on GFP
Won Nobel Prize for discovery of therapeutic use of penicillin
Collaborated and taught Jenner
Father of germ theory of disease
Invented some medications for syphilus
Beings can arise from putrid water
First proposed use of agar to solidify beef broth
Published Micrographia
Isolated gene for GFP
Swan-necked flask experiment
Won a nobel prize for discovery of phagocytes
Won Nobel Prize for discovery of DNA structure
Used two strains of differing autoxies to find that species can exchange genetic material that is needed for growth
Discovered yellow fever (first human virus)
Received first experimental rabies vaccine
Discovered bacteriophages
Invented Gram stain
Suggested washing hands with chlorine water to reduce infection of pregnant women with puerperal fever
First to perform surgery over a mist of disinfectant
Coined the term phagocyte
Discovered tobacco-mosaic virus (first virus)
First to observe bacteria under a microscope
Found that milkmaids exposed to cowpox were immune to smallpox
Coined the term 'Syphilis'
Used U-tube to demonstrate that physical contact between bacterial cells is needed for genetic recombination to take place

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