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He was the millennium mayor of Davao City. Elected mayor on 1998 and became a senior partner of Garcia, Iñigo and De Guzman Law firm.
A member of the Philippine Senate from 1988 – 2004 and the chair of twp powerful committees namely the committee of Public Accountability and Investigations (Blue Ribbon Committe
A two time KBP Golden Dove Awardee, a telemagazine show that highlights the finest of places, goings – on and faces of Mindanao. A columnist of the Daily Inquirer since 1996, Pre
The vice President for Mindanao of the veterans Federation of the Philippines sons & Daughters Association, INC. She is the current chair of the Davao History Society Foundation In
Past President of DHSFI, Dean Emeritus of University of Mindanao, Past Director of DDC, Commander Knight of Rizal, Deputy Chapter Commander Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor World
DHSFI past President and advisory council member, Former Director of the United States Information Service (USIS) in Davao City, history book author and member of the Centennial Ce
President of DHSFI & Local newspaper columnist who wrote on the history and development of colleges and Universities in Davao City and their contribution to youth and progress.
A history book author, former Department of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS) Region Supervisor and present trustee of DHSFI who wrote on the Socio Cultural History of Davao its
DECS Regional Supervisor, composer, writer, columnists and DHSFI PIO who wrote the DHSFI Hymn and article on the Development and Preservation of the Dabawenyo dialect
A former DECS Division Chief Retired Assistant Superintendent and presently DHSFI Trustee who wrote its mission and vision as well as the news on the foundations activities.
Former city Librarian and DHSFI Deputy Corporation Secretary who wrote the sequel to the brief History of Davao Historical Society
A spiritual columnists and DHSFI Trustee who wrote news and views on the foundations activities in his column and a constant prayer leader at several programs and events in Davao C
A former city Librarian and present DHSFI Advisory council member who wrote the History of Davao Historical Society.
Wrote about Carmen D. Locsin as Davao’s matriarch of Dance
President of the Philippine History Institute and member of the Philippine Centennial Movement Executive Committee. Wrote the paper entitled “the 1998 Revolution”
Date conducted the First DHSFI Foundation
Is a Lorenzo Ruiz National Awardee for Peace and unity in 1991?.A Datu Bago Awardee of Davao City in 1990. A social activist, proponent, advocate, defender, moderator chaplain dire
In the “The Mindanao Church Journeying with the Tri People towards the 3rd Millennium of Father Cunanan - the tri-people in Davao?
Davao is said to have derived its name from the word Daba-daba, this word means
The name of Manobo Rebel
Dabaw was derived from the word dabahan which means
Guiangans called Davao this name
Obo called Davao as
Tagabawa called Davao as
The inhabitants of the woods
The river dweller
The head or source of rivers
Living in the heights
They came originally to settle but majority of them did business as they were by the nature traders and merchants
Old name of Davao River
Datu Bago lorded Davao between this years
After Muslim came to Davao who are the people followed them
The year when Don Jose Oyanguren conquered Davao
He was a Spanish lawyer turned trader sent by Spanish Governor General Narciso Claveria launched an expedition composed of his own Spanish armies / soldiers.
A priest who help Jose Oynaguren to build a Christian Community on Oyanguren’s territory conquered
Fest day of Saint Peter
The highest local government of Davao during the Spanish time
Nueva Guipuzcoa abolished
Nueva Guipuzcoa abolished this are the two Politico Military Commandancias were created
Owner of Ohta Development Company in Talomo
Owner of Furukawa Corporation in Daliao
Moro Province abolished
The districts of Moro Province
First elected Municipal President of Davao
Act no. that the Department of Mindanao and Sulu was abolished and Davao became an independent Province
The year that the Department of Mindanao and Sulu was abolished
The Philippine Commonwealth Inauguration
The date of Constitutional Convention during the drafting of the 1935 Philippine Constitution
2 Davao delegates to the Philippine Constitutional Convention in 1934
P.M.E means

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