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Can you name the Silent Hill related answers from A-Z?

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Primary protagonist of Silent Hill: HomecomingA
Monster and antagonist in Silent Hill: Downpour, and Murphy Pendleton's personal tormentor.B
Primary antagonist of Silent Hill 3.C
Antagonist in Silent Hill 1, Alessa Gillespie's abusive mother.D
Male secondary character in Silent Hill 2. First encountered vomiting in a bathroom.E
Staple item present in every Silent Hill game except for Silent Hill 4: The Room. Usually found near the start of the game.F
Monster and final boss in Silent Hill 3, that grew inside of Heather.G
Primary protagonist of Silent Hill 3.H
Large monsters in Silent Hill 3. First encountered sleeping in Hazel Street Station.I
Primary protagonist of Silent Hill 2.J
Japanese entertainment company that developed and published the Silent Hill game series.K
Nurse encountered by Harry Mason in Alchemilla Hospital, in Silent Hill 1. Also appears in Silent Hill: Origins.L
Wife of James Sunderland.M
Type of monster that has made appearances in different forms in every game except for Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. One of the franchise's most widely known monster types.N
Religious doomsday cult and secret society that acts as the main antagonistic organisation of the series.O
Monster and primary antagonist in Silent Hill 2, and James Sunderland's personal tormentor.P
Restaurant appearing in Silent Hill 1 that resembles Burger King in both name and appearance.Q
Pink (sometimes blue and yellow) anthropomorphic rabbit, and mascot of Lakeside Amusement Park.R
Monster and first boss encountered in Silent Hill 3, in Central Square Shopping Center.S
Large lake in the town of Silent Hill.T
Comedic optional ending available in most games in the series, involving aliens.U
Male secondary character in Silent Hill 3, priest of the Order.V
Primary antagonist of Silent Hill 4: The Room.W
Console series that Silent Hill 1 & 2 were not made available for, until their rerelease in the HD collection.X
Surname of the composer of most music in the Silent Hill series.Y
Japanese alternate subtitle for Silent Hill: Origins.Z

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