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Forced Order
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One time, yeah, yeah, yo6
one beat, one stage,5
on the front page6
one girl, and one crib.5
how to do things that son did,1
like a cup of2
mixed with 151,6
writin' names on my4
mad violence,4
this hood politics2
Leave bodies4
Seeds watch us,7
Police watch us6
One knee I ducked,6
But my luck3
the cop2
bus stops, glass bursts,5
Richochetin between6
Blackin' out as 6
This is my hood7
'til everybody come home,4
Hoodrats, don't abortion your womb,5
Sip from the5
In this life of4
and coppers3
with no conscience,4
If you really think4
with nines out4
is about5
Yo, all I need is2
all i need is2
one mic4
all i need is one mic...1
all i need is 4
and one pen, one prayer.6
Matter fact,4
look back, at3
against me3
Jesus died at age4
from twin glocks, there's5
which means, one of my guns3
27 hit your crew,4
Everybody gotta die sometime,5
shot up, bullets tear3
Nothin' is fair,3
shootin' from wheelchairs4
Tastin' revenge in the air5
for too many years,3
Now I'm strapped with 4
too many nines6
Get busy, load up 2
Do more than6
until you empty5
They bust2
They rust2
Lead flyin, feel it?6
That we take 4
Lie 'em down4
my ****,4
All I need is one mic8
All I need is one mic6
All I need is one mic5
to do his thing y'know6
All I need is one life,5
What I stand for3
They don't understand,6
too egotistical5
The same way3
Wonder what my secrets is4
Only if they know,4
I have none5
I'm blastin cause4
Thought I wouldnt4
Fooled you1
What you call an 2
eternal souls clashin,3
Some beef is everlastin4
Brothers knifin each other up in prison yards5
You know the 6
Every night it was like5
Body found in the dumpster4
Purchased my range,6
Jealous cause fiends5
Bitches left me cause5
Shoulda knew she wasn't true10
Diamonds are blindin'6
Movin with a change of pace,8
Swellin my melon6
Heard he was, tellin police,5
This is crazy5
I'm finally found5
The time is now4
one mic4
All I need is one mic9
**** cash6
**** the cars, the jewelry4
one mic7

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