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to translatetraducir
to associate
to pertain to
to appreciate
to share
to not appreciate
to get along well with
to respect
to accept
to fulfill
to disguise oneself as
to celebrate
to make a joke
to play tricks
to die
to reject
to be afraid
to punish
to raise
to discipline
to argue
to divorce
to be in love with
to be in charge of
to hit
to fight
to live a happy life
to spoil
to design
to resolve
to take into account/keep in mind
to translatetraducir
to urbanize
to aspire to
to play (fulfill) a role
to educate (bring up)
to socialize
to hire
to fire
to interview
to be on sale
to wait in line
to work overtime
to quit
to apply
to liven, encourage
to commit oneself to
to compete
to defend
to stir things up
to motivate
to preach
to pray
to welcome
to bring/contribute
to approve
to disapprove
to gain/lose weight
to have a drink
to become accustomed to
to become assimilated

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