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What number house did Harry live at with the dursleys?The street was Privet Drive
What was the surname of the three brothers that 'cheated' death?Ignotus, Anitoch and Cadmus
Complete the sentence that is on Lily and James' tombstone, 'The last enemy that shall be destroyed is ....'Tombstone in the graveyard at Godric's Hollow
What shape does Severus Snapes patronus take?The patronus that showed Harry where Godric's sword was
How many months did Marvolo Gaunt spend in AzkhabanSentenced for attacking ministry workers
How many inches was Harry's first wand?Holly with a phoenix feather
What is the name of the street where Severus Snape lives?Also a chapter in 'The half-blood prince'
What was the make of Arthur Weasley's flying car?Flown by Ron and Harry in the second book
What is Voldemorts' middle name?Given by his mother to the orphanage on her deathbed
From who did Voldemort steal the Hufflepuff goblet?Met her when he was working for Borgin and Burkes
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Who was the first person to be killed in the seventh book?Killed by Lord Voldemort
Who turned Lupin into a werewolf?Also attacked Bill Weasley in the sixth book
What is Ollivander's first name?Owner of Ollivander's wand shop in diagon alley
What were Dobby's last words?Whispered after he was killed by Bellatrix Lestrange
What type of vegetable did Luna Lovegood wear as earrings?She also wore a butterbear cork necklace
When Neville Longbottom faced a boggart what shape did it take?Happened in the third book when Lupin captured one
What hex did Ginny Weasley perform to get included in Slughorn's 'Slug club'Used on Zacharias Smith
What is the incantation used to conjure the dark markUsed by Bartemius Crouch Jr. at the quidditch world cup
What spell did Harry use on Draco Malfoy to inflict serious injuries in the sixth book?Was one of the spells Snape invented
What is the incantation for the spell that suspends the victim upside down by there ankle?Used by James Potter on Severus Snape (the inventor of this spell)

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