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Alcoholism- ALDH Inhibitor
Alcoholism- Opioid Receptor Antagonist
Alcoholism- Glutamate Antagonist + GABA Agonist
Smoking- Nicotinic Partial Agonist
Anti-Epileptic- Pre-Synaptic Na+ Channel Blockers
Anti-Epileptic- Post-Synaptic Na+ Channel Blockers
blocks AMPA 
blocks NMDA 
Anti-Epileptic- Calcium Channel Blocker
Anti-Epileptic- NT Vesicle Fusion Inhibitor
Anti-Epileptic- GABA Reuptake Inhibitor
Anti-Epileptic- GABA Breakdown Inhibitor
Anti-Epileptic- GABA Positive Modulators
also a Na+ channel blocker 
Anti-Parkinson's- DA Agonists
Anti-Parkinson's- DA Decarboxylase Inhibitor
combined with L-DOPA 
Anti-Parkinson's- COMT Inhibitor
Anti-Parkinson's- MAO Inhibitor
Inhalation Anesthetics
most potent flurane 
irritates mucous membranes 
not for children 
I.V. Anesthetics
milk of amnesia 
Adjunct Drugs- During Surgery
benzodiazepine for sedation/amnesia 
opioid analgesic 
M2 and M3 antagonist 
[S] muscle relaxant 
[A] muscle relaxant 
Adjunct Drugs- Post-Op
opioid analgesic 
NSAID analgesic 
a1 antagonist 
B1 antagonist 

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