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Can you name the things from the Indiana Jones movies?

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Indy's biggest fearAll
Indy's archeological nemesisRaiders of the Lost Ark
Indy's female friendRaiders of the Lost Ark
Where her bar is in RaidersRaiders of the Lost Ark
Indy's museum curator friendRaiders/Last Crusade
The evil Nazi in blackRaiders of the Lost Ark
He pulls this out when he enters the tent in the desertRaiders of the Lost Ark
Sallah tells Indy these are very dangerousRaiders of the Lost Ark
Complete the line: '[the answer above]. Very dangerous.' (3 words)Raiders of the Lost Ark
The ark is found in this roomRaiders of the Lost Ark
Sallah sings songs from this Gilbert and Sullivan operaRaiders of the Lost Ark
How Indy thinks the Nazis are getting the ark out of EgyptRaiders of the Lost Ark
How the Nazis actually plan to get it outRaiders of the Lost Ark
How to survive when the ark is openedRaiders of the Lost Ark
Who Indy is told is working on researching the arkRaiders of the Lost Ark
Indy's little friendTemple of Doom
Indy finds the remains of this emperorTemple of Doom
For this Chinese gangsterTemple of Doom
In exchange forTemple of Doom
The female singer from the club who accompanies Indy on his adventureTemple of Doom
'Hold onto your...'Temple of Doom
How they escape the plane crashTemple of Doom
The stone stolen from the village is one of theseTemple of Doom
Indy goes to find the stone at this palaceTemple of Doom
What's in the soup at dinnerTemple of Doom
Dessert at dinnerTemple of Doom
What Indy brings to eat after dinnerTemple of Doom
The cult is calledTemple of Doom
Who the cult worshipsTemple of Doom
The high priest of the cult is namedTemple of Doom
How to wake someone up from the black sleepTemple of Doom
The tunnel Indy is supposed to take to get outTemple of Doom
Indiana Jones's real nameLast Crusade
Indy's father tells him to count to 10 in what language?Last Crusade
The knight's tomb Indy findsLast Crusade
Indy's father's biggest fearLast Crusade
'If you are a Scottish Lord then I am...'Last Crusade
How they say goodbye in AustriaLast Crusade
How they say goodbye in GermanyLast Crusade
Indy's response to his father saying 'I thought you were one of them.' (7 words)Last Crusade
Why Indy throws the Nazi out of the blimpLast Crusade
Indy's response when his father is surprised he knows how to fly a plane (4 words)Last Crusade
How Indy's father brings down the Nazi planeLast Crusade
The Sultan wants this in exchange for allowing the Nazis passageLast Crusade
Indy tells Sallah to get this many camelsLast Crusade
Sallah gets this many camelsLast Crusade
The first testLast Crusade
The second testLast Crusade
The third testLast Crusade
'He chose...'Last Crusade

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