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What famous musician first introduced the Beatles to marijuana?
Tomorrow Never Knows was based on what book?
Who was Hey Jude written for?
Who was the Beatles original drummer?
What was the name of the skiffle band formed by John, later joined by Paul and George?
Which Beatle had the first solo #1 hit after the group broke up?
What was that song?
That song is one of only two to ever reach #1 twice on the UK charts. What was the other song (not by the Beatles)
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What was the Beatles first #1 song in the USA?
What is Ringo Starr's real name?
After assassinating John Lennon, Mark David Chapman sat down on the sidewalk and began to read what book?
What is the common name for the album called 'The Beatles'?
Which Beatles song is the most covered song of all-time?
How many Beatles song titles contain an exclamation point?
What is the longest Beatles song ever recorded?
What song is the shortest the Beatles ever recorded?

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