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According to George, what is better than conjugal sex?
According to George, what is America's number 1 condiment?
According to Jerry and Kramer, what nationality is the last name Gack?
According to Tony the mechanic, what percent of all turns are right turns?
According to Jerry, why did Tim Whatley convery to Judaism?
How did Sophie, Jerry's girlfriend, claim she get gonorrhea?
Bette Midler told Kramer she would be unpleasant if she didn't get this
How did Gary Fogel die?
Which candy bar of Newman's caused Jerry's apartment to get fleas?
What book was Jerry accused of stealing?
What toy did Jerry have as a kid instead of GI Joe?
What was the name of Kramer's rooster?
What was the name of Kramer's handsome cap horse?
What was the name of the library investigator?
Which state is the Miss America contest Jerry dates from?
What was the name of the Riverside Park serial killer?
Where does Hal Kitzmiller purchase Elaine's mattress from?
What textbook does George get on tape?
What was the name of Mr. Lipman's muffin store?
What was the name of the New York street gang with a secret sign?
Elaine's boyfriend' nickname as the mascot of an electronics store was what?
What balloon does Jerry pop while at Tim Whatley's party?
According to a lie detector test, what show does Jerry watch?
Jerry is caught making out while watching what movie?
What does Jerry guess is his girlfriend's name when he doesnt know it?

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