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Can you name the people, places, and things from American History from the 1820s-1850s?

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Clay's effort to settle the issue of slavery when California was admitted as a free state. Congress agreed not to outlaw slavery in the rest of the territories - thus keeping the S
John C. Calhoun believed unfair laws, like the federal tariffs, were _____________ - and became an advocate for states' rights.
The Supreme Court ruled that that no black person, including him, could be a citizen of the US.
Daniel Webster was most concerned with preserving the ______.
A state could leave the Union whenever it chose to do so.
The realization that the country would have to be either all-slave or all-free.
In the 1858 Illinois Senate race, he stated that slavery should be limited to where it already exists.
This state entered the US as a slave state after winning their independence from Mexico.
When California became a state, slaves states were __________ .
Massachusetts Senator, argued that the people, not the states, had the power to dissolve the Union.
Douglas' plan to allow popular sovereignty to determine a state being free or slave (replaced the Missouri Compromise of 1820).
Agreement to keep the number of free & slave states balanced.
Extreme abolitionist, attacked & took over a weapons warehouse in Virginia in order to arm a planned slave rebellion.
Jackson's Vice-President, believed in state's rights, including the right of a state to reject a federal law.
John Brown murdered several pro-slavery settlers in this territory.
Failed proposal to outlaw slavery in any territory won in the Mexican War.
This state entered the US as a free state as part of the Compromise of 1850.
The location of John Brown's attempt to arm slaves in an armed rebellion.

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