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Can you name these questions about the Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary War?

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Who was Jefferson referring to when he stated “all men are created equal” in the Declaration of Independence?
After the ___________ ____ , the idea spread that the people, not the king, should rule.
___________ are created to protect the natural rights that people are born with.
Both Thomas Jefferson and John Locke, believed that the power to govern a nation comes from the _______.
The government obtained its _________ from the citizens and was responsible to them.
British laws that affected the colonies were made by the ___________.
The English Bill of Rights established the principle that government should be based on ____ and not on the whims of a ruler.
People are ______ with the right to be free, to live, and to try to find happiness
A country _______ its right to govern it if disregards the people's rights.
One goal of the Declaration of Independence was to explain why the colonists felt the need to be free from ______ rule.

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